Eswatini's Response to COVID-19

This is a response to the call to action, the National Resource Mobilisation Committee (NRMC) requests the kind indulgence of your company / organization to pledge a generous contribution towards ending the spread of the imminent threat, to cover the costs of the facilities, goods and services required as part of the emergency response. Following His Majesty’s declaration of the COVID-19 a State of Emergency in Eswatini, the National Resource Mobilisation Committee (NRMC) received instructions to direct its focus now towards mobilising resources that will be used in dealing with the disease. In discharging its mandate, the NRMC will be complementing the mandate of the NDMA which is a semi-autonomous government entity established to advance the national disaster risk management agenda.

How can i contribute

Banking Details

The total amount of money pledged as at April 2, 2020 stands at E19 662 000 We still appeal to the public, private companies, and individuals to donate in fighting the Coronavirus through the following channels:

Account name Resource Mobilisation COVID-19
Account number 9110004207443
Bank Standard Bank
Branch Mbabane Branch
Branch Code 663164

The public is also welcome to make contributions via following platforms:
  1. Mobile Money - 787 21664
  2. eMali - 700 700